Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm standing in front of you,
imagine you were there,
i have the words inside my head,
but i don't know how to tell you,
if i tell you,
i'm just afraid to loose you,
i know it's not worth fighting for,
you have your own way of life,
that i try to except,
but it seems,
sit and look at it,
and i know that i can't do anything is the hardest part,
i want to tell you,
but the word just can't let go,
if only we can sit,
face to face,
and talk to this,
it will make me a big relief,
watching you out there,
kills me,
owh, i wish i can just shrink into a tiny person,
and enter you brain,
learn all about it,
i just can't understand you,
are you a liar ( big one) or are you kept denying,
denying things that you've been doing?

maybe one day this will come to and end,
and i make sure by that time,
my heart will be ready to except everything that will come.

p/s: it's just hurt, i'm sorry. but i don't know what to do with you any more.

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