Wednesday, November 24, 2010

see me smile, no tears

Everyone in your life is meant to be a part of your journey, but not all of them are bound to stay. Most often, you have to let people go.

letting go things is hard,
especially the things that is very important to you,
the things about past,
when your all alone, 
the past suddenly become the most precious thing that you ever had,
letting things that you love go is the toughest,
if it were not meant to be not yours,
try to let go,
maybe there are more to come,
don't felt regret,
but it's ok to cry,
crying is a normal reaction when you felt so alone inside,
don't be afraid,
everyone felt that sometimes,
especially us girls :,),

trust me,
everyone have the same emotion that we have,
we are human,
we were born to have the same attitude,
it how we react with it in different situation,
losing a thing or a person doesn't meant it's the end of the world,
you may felt deeply depressed ,
but it's actually a normal kind of reaction to everyone,
just have the faith,
that everything that you loose,
you will get a lot more better in future,
one day :)

keep smiling people,
when you smile,
the deepest pain in your heart,
the heavy tears that you hold,
eventually will felt ok,
just ok,
at least we try to make ourself better :)

till then,