Friday, November 5, 2010

miss me? HAHA

it's been a while i haven't updated about my blog,
i mean few days does bring impact for me =.="
i'm not a blog freak, 
but when i start to write, things felt better :)

so what will i update today?
ow, regarding i'm still in UKM, i want to tell that I've spend a lot of my money wasting on buying stuff that i don't needed. =.="

barney :) 
just so you know, 
i hug this everyday. with the small one. 
still addict to it. BADLY. haha

my condition:
now i'm kinda in a stuck situation,
situation between reality and dream,
i have dream, 
to be a wonderful girl, a wonderful women, and a great friend,
but i just can't see,
i can't see where i'm going,
i felt like i'm standing in a field,
floral field,
looking so far away,
looking for a thing,
looking for someone?
the breeze air ,
just flow through my face, my hair,
what life is for me?
what life is for me to live in?
i hear music,
soft music, 
that hits my ear softly,
i cry,
drop by drop,
i close my face with my hand,
smile and keep smiling,
the pain on my heart that's beating,
is like being cut with a torn of roses,
red roses,
i take a deep breath, 
and i let it go,
i walk and keep walking,
with my bare foot,
and one day,
just one day,
beside me,
there's someone that can hold my hand,
walk me through life,
and we see where are we going in future :)

now there, don't worry fatin,
things will get better,
things will be just fine,
wipe your tears away,
you've walk life for 18 years,
and on this 20th,
you will be 19.
you meet a lot of person,
a person from being the most important person in your life,
now, the person is a stranger,
you meet a stranger,
and now, the person is the most important in your life,
and you just can't live without them.

I've learn, people come and go,
people cry and laugh.
and i'm doing the same thing too.

fatin, no matter what happen, you still have yourself to walk through this life. :,)
be strong.

love crisis

dear you,
it's clear now where were standing,
the both of us,
sorry for the misunderstanding between us,
if you we're never meant to be my future,
there will be reason for that,
reason for everything that happen between us,
the rumors,
i will make it clear,

people, we not what you think we are

everything felt innocence 

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