Friday, November 5, 2010

eventually, i know where you came from.

here's a big smile on my face,
laughing at you,
make a shame of yourself. 

i don't give a damn shit about what you say,
you just being a loser for making fun of yourself,
and i'm moving on with life, 
leaving your stupid sarcasm behind,
moving on with life,
with not a bit impact on what you write.

have a life ok bitch :)


Nur Syazana said...

Kak, garangnyaaaaaaaaa. What going on babe?

fatinlullaby said...

baca ah kat chat box. memang nak kene.
cakap baik2 die x layan.
nah, aku maki sekali.
bukak pekung. ni baru sikit.
ley control ag