Monday, November 22, 2010

i'm back! i guess

miss me?
damn, i miss blogging more than i miss to hang out with my friend. HAHA
consider that a lot of them still not back in Malaysia and a lot of them busy preparing for their final exam,

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to meeeeeeee :)
it had past already people.
20th November is the date. 
and what i get for my birthday? 

a brand new hand phone,

Sony Ericsson  S312

regarding that my old one had been drowned into the pool of death =.="
p/s: my mineral water flooded my handbag actually  

future planning :

yeahhh babehhh.HAHA :D

big thanks to syed and his family ( not include uncle)
for the wonderful treat on my birthday :)

so this is the list following orders who wish my birthday :

congratulation for unexpectedly be the number one to wish my birthday :,)

  1. faris irham
  2. saida salim
  3. abg idham
  4. firdaus
  5. izzati ishak
  6. khairul fotographer
  7. syed muhd firdaus
  8. merlin
  9. amin
  10. akmal
  11. bonaz
  12. beloved grandmother
  13. abg shafiq ( tokey budu)
  14. teeha'
  15. ibu
  16. jow
  17. nina
  18. ayah
  19. mina
  20. muadz
there are more people that wish on my birthday,
a very long list to write,
wishes all through phone call,
through facebook the most. 
i was touched by all the wishes that came from love ones, old friends, and even strangers :)
with all the love and pray that you've given,
deep thanks from me :)

holiday just started

i can say that i've spend my holidays in Singapore most of the time,
meeting old friends and family,
but Johor is not that bad,
just waiting my friend that are still haven't come back to jb for holidays,
to tell the truth, i miss them a lot :,(
please come back as soon as possible my love. imy

things at home just like i expect =.="
and i just wish things get better sooner or later,


things are just fine,
love life?
HAHA, all i can do is just love,
love the freaking life that i have now,
guys have their unexpected hormone that is hard to understand,
they are just like girls,
they have their ups and down,
i'm still the fragile girl,
that cry for past,
that regret about everything that i have done,
but i am the girl that still have the strong heart and strong will to keep being happy and keep smiling,
owh, people outside don't know how i face through life,
people start to sarcastic,
please, don't be immature,
i'm not a bitch,
make it clear :)

see, i don't care what you people say,
but i have my own problem to solve,
still wondering how life for me in future,
my results,
owh it's killing,
but one thing i know the most,
that life will come to the end,
and before it ends,
i will try to do whatever it takes,
just to stay,
who i wanted to be :)

p/s: i maybe a girl with a broken heart, doesn't mean i'm hurt you can play around with it.

till then people,
i will try to update my blog as often as possible.
getting busy lately with photo shoot and all :)

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