Friday, November 12, 2010

home sweet home. SWEET HUH?

at last, 
i'm going back home,
home sweet home. 
a place that i actually miss but it felt very weird =.=" HAHA
but i guess being around with family is the best treasure i have 

eventually thing between family relationship always have their ups and down,
so do mine.
the pain, the pressure,
is actually show how family is very important to us, 
because they except us even the worst things happen.
i miss them.

i'm currently packing my stuff,

as you can see there are two section of packing.
the left one will be staying in UKM,
and the other side will be travelling back home,
and still i have a lot things to pack actually =.="

going back to JB tomorrow,
going to KL this evening,

p/s: wish mum buy me a new phone. at least a better one :)

so the plan is i will spend one night in KL. :) great!

this went well i guess for me,
just ok,
i've spend a lot of my time thinking about me,
how i'm standing in this world,
being a girl,
broken hearted girl?
i went through a lot of stuff,
meet a lot of people,
loving and cares to the people i love,
but who knew things will never end up just like we want to,
when the great moment we want to hold can't be hold for a long time,
it just goes away like nothing happen,
people have their own perception of life,
people talk back,
they lie,
they hide the pain,
they smile when tears all over them,
but one thing i learn about people,

they never ever give up on life,
and never loss hope,
to make sure that they still walking and kept walking,
to be mesmerized once again in life,
hoping that one day,
the impossible in life turns to possible.

and till that moment,
the precious things that happen,
even a small one,
does bring big impact on someones life :,)
that someone one day could be me.

i want you to know,
it's true


till then, xoxo

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