Saturday, October 23, 2010


a new day, start it with a strong heart. we didn't know what will happen to us in our next second of life.

today's plan :
same as usual :)

STUDY: microeconomics.
PLAY ? : youuuu, bawak i pegi ice room. i need that delicious ice cream from ice room.
pretty pleaseee. (with cute puppy eyes) haha :D

take a deep breath, let it out slow.
3 days till final
insyaALLAH you can do it fatin

there are so much photographing activities that people invite me,
but i can't join,
because i have exam around the corner. =.="

have a sip of brands berry essence inner shine that grandma's bought for you,
then things will get better.

hey readers, have trouble with un healthy feelings on study weeks?
try this, 
it does help me actually.
usually when exam week is coming, i usually have this damn fever.
but for final exam, i take this for my side supplement.
taste great :)

to all followers that having exam week like me,
good luck :)
don't pressure your self on study.

till then, xoxo