Friday, October 29, 2010

i'm not a happy girl without her

she's a whole world to me,
when i'm with her,
things from worst felt better,
tears to smile,
sarcasm to jokes,
and pain to scars,
blood to water,
rain to sunshine,
my everything here in UKM :)

and here we are, joking around at our college,
cam whoring with my digital
she came by to talk,
and we're talk tremendously crazy about my life, her life, others life. HAHA
 after have a drink of coke and strawberry f&n 
 we end our gossip moment by saying good bye

she just make a sunshine all over me when we meet :)
i'm thankful to ALLAH that i meet you here kak shairah 

and i hope we can remain like this forever,
until you have your own job, 
get married with "him" :P
have kids,
and better,
thanks for never give up on me,
how worst i am in person,
you just except me just the way i are.

we laugh, we cry, we make love? haha, we mingle around together,
felt like you are just like my real sister,
and if i can rewind the time,
i wish i can ask my mum a big sister like you. AWKWARD.

ma, fatin nak akk boleh?
can you give birth to another baby girl.
LMFO. haha  =.="

 this is my life,
i'm tired of been played by people,
people judging and kept judging but the truth they really don't know what we've been through
i've suffer a lot from life,
everyone does,
life are circle,
there's up and down,
mood swings from side to side,
and people often fall apart in life,
this is life people,
they were meant to be UN perfect.
let's live a life,
a normal life.

starts at 3.30 p.m till 5.30 p.m
location: KTAMS ukm.
need all the luck,

tomorrow's paper is zee KILLERS.
i wish i can A's it :)

 grow longer hair! grow and keep growing! :)

till then, xoxo

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