Friday, October 29, 2010

i wish

i wish we can talk,
i wish we can share our laugh together,
i wish i can hold you for much longer,
i wish i can look at your face for one whole day,
i wish i wipe your sweat,
i wish i can hear you nagging,
i wish we can run through a field,
i wish we can play in the rain,
i wish we can eat together,
i wish you were mine,

and i wish you were here.

i look at you from a distant,
far away distant,
why don't you come to me,
why don't you say hye,
why don't you give me a bit of your warm loving love to me.
just a bit.

every second of my time,
i look into my phone,
waiting and waiting,
once it's rang,
deep inside me,
i wish it's was you,
but it's hard to get,
* i cry

what can i do to make you happy?


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