Thursday, September 23, 2010


you said to me 'i love you', then you just vanish into thin air, few weeks then, you came back to me and said to me those magical word again, not even a day, you just walk away. do you think it doesn't give any effect to me? i'm sick! and some of the reason is because of you.

p/s: what you want me to do, just to be perfect for you.
I've hurt enough to wait my turn to fall in love.
please don't hurt.
don't make it worst

life crisis, let me finish my exam and make myself felt better with this fever. than i'll be back to you. your not helping me to move on ans survive in this world.

this Sunday will be the anniversary of me having this high fever, =.="
please pray for me to get better.
i need to breath,
all the crisis that I've been through make me harder to live.

p/s:awk, saya demam. iny :(. anyone? 

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