Thursday, September 23, 2010

teeha syg

things end just the way you expected suddenly yesterday,
you said you didn't cry,
it's a good sign for yourself actually.
your strong, and absolutely i want you to be stronger. 
here, i will help you, and also, you need to help yourself,
hey blogger, you can be apart of us to :,)
heart broken girls out there, join us. were helping each other to start a new life, forget about the bloody pain past,
and let it heal as a scar and hopefully it will never open again :) will you. 
so follow me, and follow her 

she's a great girl,
no worries.
i know she can survive facing this tough world.
kan syg? :,)

ok here, first tutorial of breakups.
i want you to follow exactly what i say,
x der nak, ala boleh la, kejap je , sikit je, pandang je.

slowly get rid of him from your mind

keep away the stuff that can remind him,
pictures, TEDDY!, anything even a pencil. get rid of it.
his sweater, shirt, even if you have his underwear =.=" let it go.
no texting, no phone call, better DELETE IT. 
no worries if you still know his phone num. but trust me, for your best. just delete it. :)
you will get it back one day in  future time. TRUST ME. REALLY TRUST ME ON THIS.
  don't stalk his life. NO.  don't stalk his fb, ms, friendster or whatsoever.
if you think you can't do it.DELETE HIM. not to satisfied yourself,
or to show him how much you hate him,
but to make you felt better and secure for not dropping yourself down by looking at his status and picture.
stalking will make you hurt. the possibility of getting hurt it's always there.
let him has his what so you call perfect life after dumping you. NAHHHH
sayang, you have a greater life after this :) trust me.
promise to obey what i say? easy right.

oh ya and WARNING, 
yes, you will face a lot of breakdown,
a lot of heartache,
your family, friends, life never understand you,
actually, they did. and they also wanted you to be happy ,
so give a life chances. always :) 
even it's hurt, let it go,
cry. then stop.
then you look in front.
see in front of you a clearer view of yourself being a great person,
a great daughter,
a great friend,
times will heal your pain. i know it will.

first tutorial done, now i want you to do your homework. 
submit what happen to you in more or less one week. drop your comment here. yes here in my blog box.
let's share.
don't be shy, 

teeha sayang, ily. and i want you to get a better life now.
and i promise i will always be by your side.
i write one blog to you everyday for tutorials.
until you completely felt better. ok? :)


teeha said...

thanks syg .
thanks so much .
ilyyy <33

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