Tuesday, September 14, 2010

kidd, please forgive me.

i never tend to hurt you,
i never tend to make things worst,
all i ever wanted is to meet you to,
to know each other,
but i don't know why at the last minute i really ruin everything,
i'm sorry,
i'm really sorry,
u gave me a lot of chances,
you forgive me after what i had done,
giving you fake hope,
i swear,
i never ever want to do that,
never cross my mind to hurt you,
if i have the power to fix everything,
i really want to do it,
to make it up to you,
i know how you feel,
i really am,
please, just give me one more chance.
i never want to ask more than that,
just one more, please :(

i want you to be part of me.
in past, present or even future.
i'm sorry,

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