Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hari ini :)

click for clearer view :)

today's mood: ok laa. just fine

feeling like updating blog randomly because i felt i want to.
i miss my webby ( web cam) 
i miss BARNEYYYY. micit montot die nyayi!

i love you,
you love me,
we are happy family,
with a great big hug,
and a kiss from me to you,
won't you say you love me to.
p/s: x ley micit selalu, batry habes. :D

i make decision to bring it back to UKM.
reason? : ntah :)

life, please be nice to me once in a while,
let me have my happiness just a bit long. JUST A BIT.
i want to be happy like others. 
I'm happy now, i really am :)
but i just need something or someone to share that happiness with me.
if the moment is not now, it's OK then.
i'll wait :)

along this weekends, things that bothering me:
  1. assignment yang sangat menimbun =.=" 
  3. saya nak mengadap muka awk setiap hari boleh? jauh pown x pe :,)
  4. ptptn or jpa, please be nice.i'm facing through bankruptcy :B
  5. imy bdk.
  6. soul mate anyone?
  7. i love my compact so much! SNAP SNAP <3
  8. people that nowadays easily come and go.
  9. A.N :,) you are the only exception

love the way you sing kiddo :)
buffer je lebih video ni. sabar ekh. for clearer view

eventually, he does make me felt better

p/s; have a great day reader. thanks for reading I LOVE YOU

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