Friday, August 13, 2010

everything had been explain :)

i try to change to be better.
that is my last promise for you :,)

and i try to fix myself to be stronger every time I've been hit again and again.
i always did the best thing for myself,
but sometime i just lost,
lost inside my own image,
searching for something that can stabilized me,
inside me there still something that wanted to come out,
feelings and emotion tumble around with no direction,
i just walk and walk.
if there is two path in front of me,
i wish to go both.
i want to know what felt being in two place in one time.
and that is just me.
i try to fix everything back to normal. i promise. 
give me sometimes. and time, please be slow. i can't barely breath.

currently : heartless :,)
johor bahru, i miss you badly


naz said...

try ur best babe:)

fatinlullaby said...

:) thankssss

fatinlullaby said...
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