Tuesday, August 24, 2010

barney meet kak shairah :)

peeps, i have a lot to share but I'm so busy with study and works to do. SUMPAH PENAT =.="
but today i just want to update one blog. it's about kak shairah :)
one word about her. LAWA AND SANGAT BAIK :)

i know her through aminian's sniper :)
she's one of the model for the club. YUP, MODEL. 
she's have wonderful figure and absolutely beautiful smile and face.
she's not physically wonderful, inner of her makes everything about her is perfect. :)
she's kind hearted person and she's friendly to.
easy to get along and talk a lot just like me :D
I've known her for a while and knowing her just in a short time makes me want to know her more 
seriously, she's easy to get along. say hi to her, she won't bite :)

sis, thanks for being there for me,
try to make things better for me,
in my worst condition, eventually i can turn to you,
i know you will be there for me,
buy me nasi lemak kukus with sambal kerang,
you are the definition of perfection in my life kak shairah. THANKS :)

gambar 1: kak shairah men bontot barney
in her mind: barney nyanyi kuar bunyi kat bontot :D

gambar 2: kak shairah sayang barney gak :)

p/s: ily kakak :)

dedicate lagu perfect two by auburn tu kat kak shairah je la 

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