Tuesday, July 13, 2010


i want to sit in front of someone and just told everything what i fell deep inside. like i use to to before to the person that i'm in love with. 
i'm standing in a place call university but i felt empty.
i watch people laugh, smile, sitting together in a bunch of group.
having a great time together.
but where's mine?
my happiness?
i wait a long time for being in here. but i'm here now. what else can i do ? 

p/s: i use to be like this before, but deep inside i know i have you. even you are far, but deep inside i can feel in in my heart. holding my hand with your shadow. to be sincere, when your gone, i felt lost.i thought times moving on so fast make things better for me. better for me to move on. but once i reach to one point of emptiness, all i need is you to hold me, like you did to me before. :,(

LEGA DAH LUAH. lantak la org nak ckp pe :)

i have fun


lupe nak amek gmba same2 =.="

thanks for accompany me having lunch today :)
excited meeting you kakak. 
speechless actually!
owh, i love youuuuuuu<3
later dating lagi ye 
she have to leave me because her mother coming to pick her and go out.
she's so lucky because her home is just few minutes from ukm.

before waiting for TISAS class, i have a walk around pusanika alone.
or what can i call ukm shopping center :)
this few days there will be ICT fair.
they are selling some gadgets.
you know technology nowadays 
and the only thing that melts my heart is this

senang je an mintak. kalau la dapat :D
saving is going to be my first priority so i can achieve my dream having this baby.

stop the dreaming part, back to reality :)

so, i just walk and walk and walk and walk.
nothing much to to when your alone.
so i end up hurting my legs because wearing those new crocs.
so i plan to stay at the library or what i can proud of is one of the biggest library in asia tenggara. :)
to admit the truth, i rather choose going to library than shopping complex.
i was so excited deep inside to watch the books that they told there was more than 100 000. WOW!
have a look. 

HAHA. this just a few corner than i can take a shoot. because there kinda a lot of people there. 
but i swear the place amazed me a lot :)
going to be my second room now.

another thing that amazed me is i saw a lot of foreigners here. majority came from Arab i guess.
the way they talk. 
it's great if i can make friends with them :)
but overall, the library still need to be explore.
i'm quite lost with the floor.
but wtv, I LOVE LIBRARY :)

p/s: i can do it alone. YES I CAN


Fatin Razali said...

rajennye g ptsl yunk!hoho

fatinlullaby said...

dah x der tmpat yg interesting la sis =.=" haha