Saturday, July 3, 2010

last week in jb. :)

where to start?
i guess there are so many to write tonight. EXHAUSTED 
this last week things just walk or i can call run through time so fast and a second cost me just a blink of an eye.
i can't felt my self breathing with all feelings and emotion in my body.
things just tumble around and i have no one to hold.


As you know, i'm going to continue my study tomorrow. 
so there are a lot of shopping to do, packing to do, and a lot more stuff.
kinda spend a lot of times with these three precious person a lot. 
they were a part of my life and without them i'm not who i am now. :)
p/s:  I LOVE YOU

mom, dad, adik. THANKS :)

jb bazar 


thanks again to my beloved parents for the great kenduri :)
thanks to whoever that come to.

ayah : akk, dah ley bukak account dah nie. org ramai bank in duit. HAHA


p/s: but still there are some stuff need to pack :)


can i be just this way forever? 

pray for this to remain forever.
not only outside,but inside. AMIN :)

p/s: today is my last night sleeping on my own bed, tomorrow will be a new chapter of my life. making new stories, memories, and histories. p/s: imy JB :,)

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