Monday, May 17, 2010

want your stuff back?

give me reason why should i give back your stuff?

because it's yours? here something i want you to know.

you take my heart, and you get rid of it easily,

you love me before, than suddenly you say you never love me,

you make me so happy, than you just took everything away,

you make me smile everyday of my life, and now i suffer from heartache,

why should i care about you and your belonging after what you had done to me.

i think this is enough for you right? do you want more?

i can give million more reason than this.

i don't want to write more because when i start to think about you it's always a big slap on my face and deep cut in my heart.

so, just forget it. yes, your not bothering me but you annoy me.

p/s: enough is enough


teeha said...

chill dear , let bygones be bygones

Nur Syazana said...

fatin, i think the best way is you give back what he want. i know he hurt you a lots, but that's the only way to stop him from disturbing you. think wisely girl, for your own sake :)

fatinlullaby said...

i want to. but i don't have the guts to do. i can't even see his face anymore. he make me miserable xanna. i face break up for the 4th time. this time it's killing me.let me think first ok. tq sayang.

Nur Syazana said...

okay. make sure you're ready, then only you go and face him :)