Thursday, May 20, 2010

sudden lonely

today, I've spend precious time with my friends.
thank you for the day :)
even it's just for a moment, but a lot of laughter and happiness i felt meeting you two.
but suddenly i felt sudden lonely,
everything just refresh back through my mind,

city square was the last place we meet back at out home town,
i never thought that will be our last meet,
the moment we share,
the laughter we have,
i never ever thought that will be the last,
it was your birthday the next day,
the day before that i really just can't wait to meet you,
because i miss you badly and i want to be with you on your birthday,
i guess being with you early is ok right?
i make plan, make you cup cakes and buy you a hat,
i guess last minute present.
every sweat that i use to make those ugly cup cakes is always full of love,
is always full of missing you and i just can't wait to see your reaction,
we text that night and kept saying that we miss each other so much and can't wait until tomorrow,
owh, you don't know how i felt when i see you at the parking lot with a barney at your hand!
i just hug you tight and that moment i just don't want to let you go,
and i never thought that would be the last time i hold you,
we eat. laugh, watch movie, walk and walk and kept walking,
every inch of the place that we stop just to make each other comfort until now i can remember,
where we stop to talk, where we stop just to make you annoy of me, where we sit just to have our lunch.

in the car, i sang you early birthday song,
i kept talking and talking and just let you see me talk,
and you never ask me to stop,
i give a piece of those ugly cup cakes and still the icing colour is clearly seen in my hand,
then you wanted to say good bye,
i never thought that will be the last good bye,
i never thought that would be the last cake we share,
i never thought that would be the last place you park your car,
and i never thought that would be the last place you given me your 7 kisses.

it's a sudden lonely knowing that you've gone now,
and I'm moving on my life with the broken part of our memories,
sorry for writing, but i guess i just can't kept it to myself,
don't worry, eventually this feelings and memories will lost by time,
and those precious time and place that we've been will be just a history,
and nothing will bring it back to me especially you.

p/s: :,)