Friday, May 21, 2010

stop and stare

hair getting longer! i LOIKE!

i woke up every morning as a normal girl,
take my bath and sometimes don't eat breakfast like a normal girl *on diet :)
start my car engine and ready to go to school.
on the way, i look at the sky, it was orange in colour. as if it's still dark
i open the car window and smell the fresh air that include vehicle smoke,
i think deep about my life,
give a moment to think and set my mind down,
i breath and digest slowly and try to accept what have done to me,
i can't smile, i can't cry, i can't be angry,
so i guess I'm heartless and that moment i have no emotion,
my mouth just lip sing the song that i heard in the radio,
i felt like hugging my self and i just don't want to fall apart,
I'm fine :)
but deep inside my heart and those smile is just nothing,
keep thinking what will happen to me next,
i felt like beautifully broken,
i cherish that moment slowly till i arrive at school,
and here i am,
standing in a big wide world,
and i ready to move on with it,
small or big things that hit me i will always try to be ready,
and every step that i take,
i take it with full of courage and no matter what happen,
i must know,
that this is what life were meant to be for me

p/s: moving on

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