Thursday, May 13, 2010


i'm a girl and normal girl have their own feelings and emotions.
we cry, we laugh, we get mad, we talk, we gossip, we do all normal girls love to do.
but one thing that i eventually know about girls,
they have great heart towards love,
once they fall in love, they sometimes get out easily,
deep inside they hurt so much but eventually they will be fine,
they cry when they started to miss,
the laugh randomly to hide the pain,
they talk alone often and imagine that his in front of them,
and girls always try to give chances to life,
to fall in love and have a great life in future,
because girls are strong,
and just because of a guy they can be stronger than before,
and every step that she takes,
she always remember her past and determine to herself to be better everyday of her life now.

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