Tuesday, March 23, 2010

today last game :) congratulation for the 2nd place.

i came early to accompany ella & kecik to watch their team fight.
so there were some few account girls already at the astaka, ready to cheer for our one and only account team :)

thank you ella :)
*kecik the photographer

today game was the best, even tough we loose but 2nd place was the best :)
physics student! YOU PLAY HARD.
haha, they were like HUGE! i mean taller and bigger! 
and our account team was like tiny and small :)
but guys, you've done a great job !
better than non right.
so congratulation for the winning,
although there are no next time, but at least a memory has been cherish for you. for us :)

so here some shoot that i take. so sorry cause it's few.
busy cheering and forget to take a shoot.
so guys, congrats again.
better luck next time :)

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