Tuesday, March 23, 2010

dear sida :) hope you will get better soon

saida was not feeling well.
i mean her face grew a red spot. like a rashes.
make me felt worried. so we met cik muna at her house.
at 8.45 we went to clinic baiduri near kuala pilah :)
so doctor said she's fine.
* it takes us just about 30 min for the whole journey form going to clinic, meeting the doctor and going back.
haha :)
i think saida going to be fine. 

saida salim :)

and i don't know why i'm taking this picture.
look interesting. with the picture of many type of worm and all.
* and it's also remind me of the attitude been showed by the little boy.
bad habit among us. especially girls. c(: haha

p/s: handsome doctor saida said :)

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