Sunday, March 21, 2010

thinking of you

wish to change evrything back to where it suppose to be.
time make it slow for me to lose your image inside my mind.
how easily for you, and i kow it's hard for me.
everytime i will pray for you to get out from my mind.
but i don't know why i can't
i really can't
it has been two weeks since you left me.
but nothing haven't change from me to you.
not even my heart.
wish everything were back to normal
how it's suppose to be between me & you.
remember melissa??
haha. i am! and i always remember her.
but i know you won't.
it was our sweetest dream of all.
it always been until you left me breathless.
and now you are leaving me.
leaving us.
me and her will continue my dreams alone.
and maybe i wish to share this dream with someone else.
melissa's dream :)
cause it's our memories.
but know, it's mine.

p/s: we miss being with you

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