Sunday, March 21, 2010

every morning suppose to be wonderfull :) etc

morning people :)
i just wake up and pray . and i felt so peace in my mind this morning.
but apart of that, everytime i wake up, i will think of you.
i don't know why, cause before i use to.
wake up thinking of you,
sleep dreaming of you,
eat for you,
study for our future,
now that your gone.
it takes time to not be without you.
those image of you inside my head is still fresh.
and i felt just like yesterday you left he hung with a broken heart.

in less than a hour maybe kmns will lost their electricity
hahaha, i can't on9 oftenly. but my lappy battery have problem.
it can live just for 1 hour or less!
so, maybe at night i will buzz the blog again.

this morning im planning to do:

  1. watch football (terpakseeeee)

  2. planning to finish studying mathematics

  3. on diet. (again) dah gemok cgt la

  4. wish to stay up this night and keep studying till i lost my mind. :)

  5. looking at the phone wishing you text or call ( act, i always think of this everyday)
i think that's all i was thinking this morning. wish i can write more often thanks for the kmns_wifi :)
have a fantastic morning readers.
p/s: thinking of you.

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