Monday, March 29, 2010


cause i was born, to tell you i love you, and i am torn, to do what i have to , to make you mine, stay with me tonight.

p/s: your call by secondhand serenade.
wish to learn how to play guitar for this song now :) 

early in the morning after i have my bath :)

me in the afternoon. my head getting crazy reading economy *perniagaan antarabangsa :)
owh, still a lot to revise

p/s: fatin semakin malas
6.06 p.m

barney rabun sbb study hard :)
like me :)
but i cry harder than i study.
thanks to mr barney for being there for me.

nighty night with a very cold night and im freezing to death :)

p/s: good night :o)


pivo said...

saye sayang fatin!!
die rajin melayan saye!!
terima kasih!!

fatinlullaby said...

:) my most pleasure to see you happy

pivo said...

ok choka choki bacen!!

fatinlullaby said...

haha. nanti post gamba dgn ella ag k :)