Monday, March 8, 2010

it's end with a big cut but a small smile

today represent hardness for my life,
a lot of people came to me and gave me support
  1. saida
  2. dyra
  3. kak tiera
  4. akk aras
  5. sya
  6. syed
  7. epul buncit
  8. a1p1 :)
  9. ena
  10. roomates
  11. myself

myb they don't know what i felt, but some of them have their own experiance.
you know what? this happen for a reason.
i talk back to a person i haven't talk for a long time.
and today we spend time together :)
thank you for being with me for a night :)
you know who you are.
thank you dear.

but i felt empty
with no gravity
but i will always know.
life is like a circle.
what goes around comes back around.
live and learn it.
cause it make me stronger.
thank you for leaving me,
you know what, i can still smile. cause i have great person around me.
but i still love you
ive promise remember


Dyra Sarah said...

Fatin, we'll always be there for you giving you support whenever you need one..
Don't get me wrong, I understand how you feel and trust me,
everything happen for a reason..
Don't forget ALLAH who created you..
HE loves you and we love you too..
I'll pray one day you'll found your soulmate and end up with the perfect fairy tale happy ending with your soulmate..
We love you..
imy :)

m.R aMenG said...

ape pingu bwat??
anyway, follow ak keyh..heheh

fatinlullaby said...

dyra sayang :) tq. i really love you so muchhhh

ameng: it's over. but all gonna be fine. die dah ader new life. let him be