Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the day pass by

through hot and sunny day,
through windy and gloomy night,
i wish you were here,
hugging me from behind,
that you usually do,
i miss your smell,
i miss your hug,
i miss your voice sayang,
i miss everything about you,
your sense of humor,
everything :,(
i still lost inside your image.
where is your promise?
i kept my self together,
make sure that it's secure,
without your love,
i can be strong,
ive use to be without you,
i have friends, family.
lovable one.
not like you.
but i still love you.
i do.
may be in this few weeks?
even i forget about you.
you will remain in my heart.

i still love you sayang. i do :(

do you still remember this sayang?
I DO :(

this? you hug me in secure.
make sure im having a great time.
yes sayang, i do :( and i miss this moment
i promise i will sing for you.
give me a chance please.
let me sing for you.
pleaseee :,(

can i buy you more this big apple? :(
you like it right sayang :(

i miss you :( i do
please come back sayang,
i will wait for you, forever
i miss you badly
i cant stop thinking of you

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