Wednesday, March 10, 2010

im letting you go

yup, im letting you go,
felt free without me,
that's what you want,
and i swear i don't know why,
you make the decision,
and i will accept it,
with the broken heart,
replace me with someone else,
it will makes you better?
it's the best for me to.
i hate you, but at the same time, you are still :

my life,
my soul,
my everything,

it's hard for me, but i know its easy for you,
the hand that you hold for 7 month,
the warm hug that you never let go,
the soft kiss that makes my day perfect,
the walk that we take just to spend our time together,
like i promise,
you crush it, i will pick it up for us.
for me

last word before i go,
i will kept writing,
cause this is my place,my board
i don't care if you don't read it,
but if you do,
wish your heart will be open for me,
sayang, i've tried my best to get you back,
i've tried my best to change for you,
but at the end,
take care sayang, i love you
p/s: always love you

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