Monday, January 18, 2010

smileeeeee people :)

ms & fb mood : people come and go in life. when you are in a stable condition then came your old history, it's hard to open that chapter back cause that why is called HISTORY

omg, dear. why are you coming back. i miss you so much :( but Ive forgotten you. erase everything in my mind bout you. but then when i saw you yesterday. everything just pop up back. about you, about your laugh, about you sense of humor. i miss everything. then, when you call last night, you just can't stop making me laugh. can't stop making nonsense about everything. u sang me our fav song together, the your battery sucks down. hahaha. those two hours talk is not enough for me to say how much i miss you. please make this moment to meet is sweet & fun. cause i just want to see you & have a great time together. like old times. PLEASEE?? :)

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apple said...

life n love have taught us plenty of precious things that we have to learn.
and it's depends on ourselves of how to make it more valuable
and how the way we accept it.
when you’d do the best, just leave it up to God.