Thursday, January 21, 2010

a moment with you

its all started yesterday :)
hahaha.have a great time with you mcux. so gedik. hahaha
thanks for accompanied me for shopping. OK what, at least i buy a pink cardigan.
omg, it was hilarious, funny, adorable kids & pig. hahaha.
of course its funny, there is jackie chan!.
he was a great martial art people & actor. i gave 4 over 5 stars :)

cause his shy. ewwww. haha.we just walk around,around and around the place , window shopping.
not talking to each other. hahaha.cause his SHY. he make me piss off.
selamat la die pandai memujuk. HAHAHA.
we talk about his life, my life. talk about pass :) that we miss everything.

at this moment, we were at comma. this place was the fav place to take picture.
haha. may be because this shop have a lot of big mirror at the back at the shop. hehe
we didn't buy anything, a lot of rounds inside the comma. :)
full af laughter actually. the shop plays chinese song because of the Chinese new year.
muke dah la macam apek. hahaha. he keep dancing & dancing inside the shop. ohh, so maluuuu. hahaha. we get out from the shop cause there are nothing to buy.

roibo moment.
haha, i just want to take his hp and throw at the last floor. hahaha.
he kept me laughing & laughing non stop.
open a lot of ring tones. may be he want to cover the shyness. :P

before going back.TAKOYAKI IS THE PLACE.
hahaha. every time i go to city square this is a important place to go.
i gave a great test to him to eat this stuff, and he love it. hahaha
he said it taste like half boiled egg.

at last we gone home. he said thanks to me at last :)
your most welcome :)
there will be another time.

today,we gonna meet. may be for the last time :(
it will be the next visit im in jb to meet again

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