Thursday, January 14, 2010

people,peeps. looks yourself in the mirror before judging me. make sure your hands clean before showing your finger at me. duuuh!

the first picture is on Tuesday & the second is on ThuSrday. haha. just showing that im so damn fucking bored! hehehe.

owh human, pleasee. its hard to understand you people.
what is your problem? x paham la wei. & malas nak fahamkan.
please people,jaga la hidup sendiri.mind your own business. you got your own friends, family,couple.go on. take care of them.ever heard i talk back about you. talk about your beautiful life? do i even care? for sure not. i make my own rules. & my life is my story board not yours. & you do not have the right to change it or to criticize it. believe me, put yourself in front of the mirror before you judge me.
  1. are you that perfect?
  2. are you that nice?
  3. do you have the right to say about other people?
and i know you know the answer. please, people pity of you if you kept talking about others.
your still young & have a great reputation in future,study to fulfill. dreams to achieve :)
so do i.stop doing things that make people hate you & mind your own business cause im done with you & I've got dreams on my own to achieve.
good luck for you dearest :)
no heart feelings. but i do forgive but never forget.

with full of LOVE,
fatin. remember. NURFATIN NADIAH

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