Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fall for you.

the secondhand serenade songs reminds me of everything who i am to be,
what i live for, what i s the meaning of living and sacrificing,
can we fall in love with many guys at one time.
hahaha stupid question right.
everything make me felt dumb.seriously.
especially the words life&love .taught me a lot & confusing me with what happen surround me.


this one is another problems.after we get our own love lane,why we need another??
im not lying OK!
gosh, x reti bersyukur ekh manusia! kenape la ader sikap tamak! grrr
hey guys, wake up.this is life.try to be fair!.may be. hey, at least im trying to be one
OK fine. people cheat. but for how long?

here is the case. im in love. hahaha crazily in love.
ya, i have a bf!
but we can love someone else right? that is call cheating.
in love rules, it is illegal.
just know: yup, im in love. & i hate to talk bout love. cause i know, not all love in this world is pure.
so don't lie to urself. but lie to the person that you love secretly.
that is the best of both world.

omg! i loveeeeee kelly clarkson. just now i just watch her video clips for already gone.seriously the video sucks. haha. but the song so damn perfect,i adore that song. the lyrics are full of meanings. you rawk kelly. keep singing. im gonna support you!!! :)

this another one. my most fav singer of all. secondhand serenade
hehehe. your call song is the best!
if i got a chance. i want to learn play guitar & sang this song to someone :)


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