Saturday, January 23, 2010

lastly before going back to mother earth :)

life thought me a lot. this two weeks holiday is fun & pain. tomorrow im going back. back to the life i don't felt save. i never felt save now. haha.

the holiday i spend for the first week was quite boring week. being maid for a week without salary. haha. everyday i wash dishes, cook for me, do the laundry etc. :) quite fun doing other stuff than onlining the whole day. i get a heavy headache at the end of the day.

second week quite interesting :)
meeting you my dear was pain. fun? for a while. i can't even meet dyra! i miss her.


so, we go out, hangout with my dumb driving technic :P . so? at least i drive you around. no mood to talk about the part i spend with you, cause majority part from this week blog is just for you. grrrr.

On Thursday. I went back to grandmas house! i slept with her as if i felt like im still 7. hahaha i miss everything about mak. she cook for me, brought me shopping :) eat marrybrown. haha. those two days was fun being a grand children. im gonna miss my mak :) a.k.a grandmother :)

being back to matric is the last thing in my mind but also being here in Johor was the second last in my mind to. Im in the middle actually. lost inside my own mind. Can't think straight with what happen to me this few days. Can't believe what i had done to person that i love. SHIT me. Im the one to blame. so, this was not my great holiday & looking forward to remember.

but few days from this holiday is going to be permanent in my head

KMNS here i come :)
study human. i think aliens, hahaha.
going to be zombies later.
i promise my self to change for them
for god sake :)
so, here the new me( only in matrics)
the girls who have nothing to do than studying, less talking, more focusing on exam.

WARNING: for you guys that can't call friends. if you guy still not satisfied with me, urgghhh i
don't know what the matter of you.

seafood moment :) mak belanja :) bbye

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