Thursday, January 21, 2010

i hate you.

when you came into my life. you bring happiness. but when you gone. you bring sadness. serious sadness you know. what happen to us? what happen to you?? i thought we OK with everything. What happen? you always gave me fake promise. since the first time we meet. you cheat. now? sometimes i felt i love you so much, but sometimes i felt i hate you like hell. please, change for me? if you really meant about you say you love me. please make it real. cause i felt like a dumb ass being fool with my own feelings & with the sweet talk we had every morning.

which one you choose? : LOVE ME OR HATE ME??

but seriously : im trying my self to hate you. YES, I HATE YOU


apple said...

uh cmmon sis.
who's the person that ve made u angry?

ou em sory, i'm ur blog's silent reader..
nice to read about whatever you've shared 2gether on ur blog.
salam perkenalan =)

.fatin. said...

haha.old memories :) ex bf. hahaha.
thank you so much :) keep reading, x der sape nak halang awak dear :)

salam perkenalan