Saturday, January 9, 2010

at last :)

here i am. back to mother earth:) i miss jb a lottt! i miss everything here.

yes!!! tina, meet you at last!!.omg, i miss you like damn hell. so fun to meet you yesterday. i love you.i love you so muchyyyyy lemau!!!. btw, ur boyfie great. good for him to talk. hahaha. take care of him oke sayang.

johor bahru!! here i its just a bored day. as got some story to share.

  1. my bf birthday :)
happy birthday sayangggg. i love you

these are my girlfriends. thanks sayang for helping me.

dyra: om gucci!! thank you for the cupcakes. you help me a
lot. i love youuu. promise, later we do another cupcakes together. & only two of us ate it. hehe. ily

mimie: dear, gosh u sooooo sweeet like my cupcakes. thanks oke sayang for accompanied dyra. ur my life saver, hehehe. ilyt. nice meeting u. hope we meet again soon.

happy family la pulak! hehe

haha. this sido of us are sooo adorable. hehe. he called me umi & my bf walid. hahaha. ingat ape??
meet sido, his naga bestfriends. they are just like brothers. so sweet. hahahaha. hugging each other.but not kissing. hahaha. long story. thanks for being here with us sido. you are great :)

2. holiday! melakkakakakkkka. later la update. felt veryyyyyy malas. hehe.

will be updated . mayb :)

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