Friday, December 25, 2009

holiday & updating the blog.

few month i think i haven't update my blog. :)
yesterday was fun. today is my bf birthday :)
happy birthday to you sayang.
act, im on the way to melacca.
before going to take my ups exam. :P
scared?? for what. need to studyyyyyy.
4 flat target act.
grrrrrr. hopefully i can achieve that.

what im doing now??

  • bloggingggggg . that i miss so much
  • onlining... that i miss so muchhhhhy
  • thinking of cupcakes. huhu.yesterday cupcakes already gone
  • sayangggg birthday. happy birthday mucuk.
  • bergayottttt je.huhu
  • melacca holidayyyyyyy :)

lastly.bbye jb again.i miss you everyone.

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