Thursday, July 23, 2009

one heart two soul one love?

i love both of them.i really do. =(
1)when the day i want to be with you, you are not with me , you left me cold & heartless.i love you.yes i do.with all my heart.i wait for the darkest,coldest place you ever left me crying without any arm to hold on to.but then i still wait for you.wait & wait until i felt stupid & i let it be.i let you go.cause you never love never want me in your just want me because i want your here.when i forget bout you & you here.owh god, thank you. & yes i love you.i do.please dont go away.cause i do love you so.

2)i love never hurt me once.never.your nice.very nice to me.even before we meet you were the nicest person i ever meet.when i meet yo i felt guilty to him.seriously,i love you, but i love him more.complicated huh??. willing to wait for me?? i think im stupid if i let you go,cause your so nice,friendly & you do not deserve a girl like me.
i love you both.i swear i want to make both of you happy but i am just a is such a battlefield.
i ddnt mean to be cruel to anyone.I SWEAR!

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