Thursday, July 23, 2009

beginner =)

im new =)
im learning how to create this beautiful blog btw.all my friends are playing blog.why not me. oh yes, i use broken english sorry cause im not an americans & my english not perfect.cheers!!

lets know more bout me first.

hello human,my name is nurfatin nadiah.& yes i like taking picture.yup,my picture sucks.haha.learning in progress. throughout my learning process i need your comment.good & bad comment its ok.but harsh comment will be ignore.know me closer before you judge me.after knowing me closer dont ever make yourself comfy with me if i hate you.yes i talk back if you bad to me.get know me by just starting saying haloo.its not that hard.

-ve part of me

eat a lot when stress

cant control my money cause i lovelovelovelove shopping (window shopping to be exact)

i choose friends espeacially boys ( sorry & im going to change bout it)

books interest me sometimes

omg,cant live witout technology

im rude to older people ( attn ; sometimes)

i love to stare at people.hahaha =D

yes! im easily been hurt.

+ve part of me

im easy kind a girl

friendly kind a girl

nice to know to kind a girl

easily get to near to kind a girl

easily fall in love kind a girl

hurt me once dont worry, i still gonna love you.

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