Thursday, July 3, 2014

It wont hurt much

These feelings, was not meant to stay. I knew it when the first time i experienced it.When at some point,  you knew it was wrong at was not meant for you. Because you're too familiar with this kind of feelings. You knew it earlier before you get into trouble by falling into these kind of mixed feelings. The kind of where people are being too nice to you and sometimes it mislead you to some sort of whatever kind of feelings it leads to, this kills you doesn't it. But when you are familiar with it, it's either to stop yourself to feel it or let it be. Not sure it's a curse or is it a good thing, but i'm more kind of person who's willing to take the risk. The risk of getting hurt. Just logging to that feelings and emotion.

And soon, in times, it either heals or it leads to somewhere. Somewhere unknown. 

Leave me with the last memories of us are good enough to make me happy and craving to re-imagine it in my head and makes me smile. :')

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