Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How do you begin to explain something that you don't even understand yourself

and i start to realise. I only have time to blog when i'm on pms. *almost* 

 I just wish that I could slow down time and stop making me grow older. There's no fun in adulthood, only trainload of work, assignments, responsibilities and it just keeps coming and doesn't stop. The constant worrying and thinking which only leads to destroying yourself. It's tiring and depressing to think if this is the only life that I'm gonna live in. 

From time to time I over think my qualities and reevaluate myself whether I am worthy, or even enough. I keep on peeling my own skin off. It's one of those moments again where I feel lost and more alone. Me, I'm all I have. I keep on forgetting about that. Am I even enough for myself to accept?

-by anisanurr

less than 3 months to end my degree year. A part of me looking forward to end this, excited to be responsible of something, a good start of something new and fun.
But a part of me are so scared about what will be waiting for me then. 

too early to think about all of this. Is it? 

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