Saturday, December 28, 2013


I miss my friends. I miss my babies. I miss the time where there are no limits of laughter shared when i'm with my friends. Where all those sadness vanish into thin air. Where the question 'are you okay' been asked and you can just sincerely said 'yes, i'm okay, really, because you're here next to me, what for to be sad about right' Somehow, i miss them so bad. Like really bad, like i can just cry myself to sleep missing them being around me. I'm scared actually. Knowing that all of them are growing up. I'm certain that we're not growing apart. some of us. But sometimes long distance friendships are as hurt as a long distance relationship thou. 

I miss all those late night talk. I miss those mamak lepak moment. I miss those endless time at Mcd just to prepare our self for presentations and finals. I miss our 'wey, aku lapar' 'jom lah datang bilik aku masakkan nasi goreng'. I miss those library moments where we pretend to study till 5 a.m and basically seriously study for like 40% of the day there. I miss the unplanned hangout with the girls. I miss our KFC setiap hari selasa routine lepas kelas emosi. I miss our 'wey, aku nk pergi pasar malam' ' aku nk ikut' and end up just beli nasi lemak kerang bangi yang power tu. I miss them who came into my messy sarang binatang punya bilik and shared one bed and one batal with three of my fav girls. I miss our dance practice. I miss our pergi jogging semata-mata nak cuci mata. Nak kurus tu sebenarnya mcm 3rd or 4th plan *for me basically. I miss out late night meetings. I miss our birthday celebration moments. Those fries cakes for mal's. Those baling2 tepung and kunyit on my birthday. owh how i wish i can make a collage of all the thousand of photos of us in my laptop! 

I'm missing you guys so much. 

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