Monday, September 9, 2013


Fit in
I don't really sure i should be myself or pretend to be what i'm not.
I'm not even honest to myself right now. 
Because being around with these group of people makes me think. 
Should i try hard to fit in and make people like me. 
Or i should just be myself. 
Manusia dengan sikap mereka yang judgemental
Weird, but it's the truth. Even myself can't run away from judging someone. 
And they have the right to do it. 
But sometimes i wonder what people think about me. 
In a positive way, i can change myself. 
Not that i must change my personality for people,
I just really want to know what people think when they first saw me. 
Don't you? 

My personalities depend on who i am with.
Maybe i think to much what people think. 
But this is me. I'll gonna keep figuring out who i wanna be, what i'm right now. :)