Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What a girl wants

Buy a girl flowers. One is enough. Take a girl out for a sweet dinner *bukan mamak okay. Make surprises for them. When the girl start to nag, just put your had on their mouth and say that you love her and miss her, hold her hands and kiss it unexpectedly. Take them for a long drive or maybe walk. Play in the rain with them. Grab their hand and pull them in the rain. Cook for them. Make homemade card for them. and the list goes on and on and on

Guys, girls want this. They really want. But they just don't care it anymore because they already have your heart. But do you know some girls just don't care about this small stuff but deep inside their heart, they really want you guys to do it. Because it makes them happy. These going to make them feel. But they never ask you to do these to them because knowing that you're not the type of guy being all mushy and lovey dovey and all. But still, you will make that girl of yours the happiest on earth if you did these small things unexpectedly. 

I know in real life, it's really hard to negotiate with who's going to give the love most in a relationship. Serious tak kan seimbang. There will be one side that really works hard to keep the relationship strong, and another one tu berserah je. I've watch peoples life, i saw couple celebrating their anniversary like weddings, a bf celebrating his gf birthday by decorating the girls rooms with roses, baking birthday cakes by their self, take a girl out for a candlelight dinner, all the surprises and presents. It's a dream. For me, and maybe some of the girls out there. That is not materialistic. Even a small card, or even sweet random text can change someones life. Tapi kita tau, semua tu angan-angan kalau kita tak mampu buat an. But one thing you can do when you love your partner so much and you just don't know what to do to impress them. 

Just don't lie. Be honest. Don't cheat. Tell the truth. Don't lie. It's okay to be friends with other people. Knows your limits and boundaries. Don't forget to tell them you love them everyday. YES, everyday. Study hard. Not thinking only for your parents. For your future partner in life. Because knowing that you cant do all of those thing right now, maybe when you have the money and time together, you can do better than just a candlelight dinner. Maybe a honeymoon to Bali? *that's my dream*. haha. 

owh, and happy birthday to meeeee. Celebrating on bed with notes and tutorials and classes and good weather. Thinking of heading out to give a pair of jeans and go watch pitch perfect all by myself today, tapi mcm malas. -.-" Should wait till weekends maybe? :)


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