Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm officially 21 y/o :)

I've change. Emotionally and physically! nampak tak pipi eden tuuuhh! -.-

For me, birthday is just like any other days. But the things that make them special are the wishes :') THANK YOU LOVE FOR THE WISHES AND DOA. I receive wishes from strangers to best friends, classmate to school friends, not to forget all my crush :3 hahaha. I get to thank back all the people that wish me. My kebudayaan babies, Daus Ishak and Syed with his friends sang me a birthday songs :'). Received an early birthday present for saida. Received birthday cake from Farhana and surprisingly Liyana Zakaria. Have a birthday dinner with yat *i cooked btw. NO PHRANK THIS YEAR. thank god -.-' Still remember kene baling kunyit for my last birthday. Good day, wonderful birthday :') 

if only i have someone special to celebrate with

Its hurt knowing that i was with you on your birthday but you're not around for mine. I was hoping a surprise from you. But i was wrong. and that hurt the most. But it's okay. It;s my birthday and i deserve to be happy. I was surrounded with happiness. Even though it is not like what i imagine, at least i don't feel completely empty. I get the chance to call my best friends every 30 mins for free. Called my old buddies. I even cried on phone with saida because we misses each other so much :')

All i ever want for my birthday is not to be alone. I felt a bit emptiness this year :')
But i'm okay. 

Seeing where i stand today compared from my previous story of life, i can said, i've change a lot. with all i had been through for the past 21 years of my life, the tears, the pain, the short happiness, the laughter, the endless memories, everything just change me. Alhamdullilah, Allah give me the chance to still breath his air, stay in his land. These is the best present ever. The chance to be alive :')

-Happy Birthday To You Nurfatin Nadiah- 

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