Friday, September 7, 2012

They refill my happiness :)

I just sum up how i spend my 1 week of holidays back at home. Tak puas lagi cuti. Sumpah tak tipu. Tak puas nak bangun dari tido dan tak perlu risau pasal kelas, risau pasal presentation, risau pasal assignment. I want to be in the situation when i open the refrigerator and there are lots of food that i can eat, that i can cook. Where i can just drive to snogurt and just have a moment with my favorite yogurt combination. Sekarang ye malas nk dengar ibu pasang radio bergerak dia, tapi nnty kat UKM mesti rindu. :') 

I'm just glad that i think my brain is till active. Bersyukur hoi at least dapat cuti seminggu. Bayangkan yang cuti 3 bulan. Lemau tak lemau otak deyorang :D hahaha. 

My happiness bottle inside of me have been refilled! 

Thanks love :*

Bontot tak kebas ag dah nak kene study balik. Bukak buku balik, ngadap muka lecturer, buat assignment, buat tutorials, guling-guling pergi kuliah. But one thing i have to promise, this semester will be different than any other semester. I wish. The hardest part for the new semester will be this Sunday where i have to schedule my time table for my classes for next semester. I don't want to feel bad for myself, i don't want to feel stupid when comparing myself with my friends, i don't want people to see me as a failure. Setting myself in a positive mode. Nothing in this world is easy to achieve. Nothing is easy to get if you didn't work hard enough. Going to put my study as my first priority. I just wish i have the time to realize that i still can change my future. I still have the chance to change to be a better person. The chance to make both of my parents proud. To prove that i'm not that weak. To show people that giving up is not the last choice. And have the thought of life will always be hard. Life will never be easy. Even how successful you are. Even how rich you are. Even how famous you are. Allah will always there to guide us, to trick us a bit. But one thing i never ever forget about life, Allah will never put us in a situation that he think we can't handle. because Allah knows everything. 

-Hello New Me- 

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