Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kawan tepuk, tampar, gelak sakan, susah, senang :)

Ye sha, aku tau aku nampak kurus an part badan. Pipi memang x ley sorok. 

She's the girl who if you want to have a gossip moment with. What makes her special, we have those awesome conversation on her motorcycle.
She's the girl who will make you laugh and will let the smile stays on your face for like minutes after that.
She's the girl who will eat together with you no matter what type of food and the price will be.
She's the girl who will make fun of you and let you make fun  of her back.
She's the girl who you can tell secrets to.
She's the girl you can tell who's your crush are.
She's the girl who will curse they guy who hurts your feelings. 

It will take me like days to make a list about how she's being an awesome girlfriend. 
I know it, because she's my girlfriend :')
and i love her. 

p/s: kau merupakan punca aku mengembang tahu. study je mesti ajak aku g mcd. i hate you. :D

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