Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 3

Getting better. Much better. Sometimes i have this thought about us, about you. Some song shuffle on my mp3 reminds me of you. I'm mentally ill. Physically fine. It's normal in heartbreaks. Even after several years, your face will still haunt me i guess. It's just get less :') 

Flashback hurts the most.
we hug, you kiss my head and said you missed me, i said i missed you too.
u kate rambut i bau hangit. :')

At some point, i will cry on my bed, remembering you. Remembering us. But just so you know. i will be better in time. Flashback will hurt me. But its the memories that i choose not to vanquish it. What's life without memories. 

The best revenge on people that hurt you is not be miserable about what they had done. But be grateful with what you had left in life. What they had taught you . And what you have become after all that had happen. Tears make you stronger.

p/s: make it till Saturday, I'll stop writing about you. I just need to write. Don't worry. i'll stop eventually.

owh, and btw, i extend my stay in JB and Singapore for a week. I'll be back in UKM on Saturday. Home is the right place for me right now. :')
* duduk rumah makin buat saya malas nak belajar untuk final. harap maklum

Currently addicted to this song. Good night!

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