Friday, November 18, 2011

Sesak Nafas

Tak ada sapa nak rindu pown kalau tak update kan :D

 SO HELLO EARTHLINGS! how are you? i hope everything is okay? some of you just starting to be in the new semester, some still having an awesome holiday at home right? 
or some maybe end up like me, having the worst week of the student history. EXAM -.-" maybe i make it sound scary, but exam is good actually. It gives student the high blood pressure. is it good? FOR SURE IT'S NOT. 
4 paper for this mid term exam. I've already sit for 2 paper. One paper for tomorrow and the last one is on Sunday. How awful is it to sit for an exam on Sunday -.-" But nothing i can do actually. All i can do is to just study and sit for that freaking stressful exam. Especially on the Sunday exam. The most vicious paper of all.

go goggle FRS. the first thing that came out from it is the answer. Learn it then teach me. Will ya? 

it's kind a stressful week for me and all my friends here in UKM.
betahan we wahai kawan-kawan. Ni lah lumrah hidup jadi pelajar. Tak kan boleh lari dari exam.

Sorry for running away from you, sorry for not letting you be close to me, sorry ignoring you after our last meet. I need time to settle down. I need space. I need air. I want you to know that i miss you too. But i just can't let myself close to you for now. Maybe not only you, but everyone.

Just downloaded this song. I think it's cool. Listen to it :)

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