Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I thought reality would be a bit nicer to me

Exam finished yesterday. Not to be proud about anything that i had done on that piece of paper in the exam hall. Especially the last paper. Lebih kurang more than half question kene hentam -.-" Not because i don't study, maybe, but that subject is freaking hard. maybe mum's right *kau tak belajar, kalau belajar boleh buat. Enough said about mid term exam. Now at least i can have all the free time to actually not focusing on exploding my head. Not to say that things is getting better, i guess, when all my time are packed with exams, all i can ever think is books, notes, examinations. It's good because i have no time to think about my personal problem. :')

psst psst : nak cakap thank you kat ini budak cantik sebab bagi tumpang study kat bilik die seminggu :')
nanti aku bayar duit, sabun mandi, ubat gigi yang aku guna semua *sorry tido berdengkur -.-"


as you can see on my check list above. even thou i finished my exam. there are still a lot of stuff chasing me around . My room looks better again. If only i have the guts to upload how my room look for the past 2 weeks *malu wey jadi anak dara -.-" I guess i need to have the mindset that i need to do the above as my responsible as a student. I'm going to take it slowly and not pushing myself to hard on something. 

I don't know, lately i'm feeling that things are arranging itself to it's place again. Slowly like a snail.But my hearts just not in a state of peace. I know why. I just need time to fix myself. I'm not sick or anything, i just don't feel quite well with my body, and some few people around me. I just don't know either it's my head playing around with my emotions or it's just the people behave differently lately * tanda-tanda pms kot -.-"

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